Edison Electrical can design and fabricate custom control panels and automation systems for a variety of industries and applications.

Modernize Your System with a Custom Control Panel Solution

For more than 25 years, Edison Electrical has been your guaranteed source for certified electrical control panel fabrication. Custom control panels increase efficiency, productivity, and ease-of-use! Our team of experts provides services like:
  • Retrofitting a control panel for an existing system
  • Creating PLC panels to make your systems more efficient
  • Designing a VFD panel that meets your specific parameters


  • Engineer, design, and fabricate custom control panel solutions
  • Retrofit an existing motor control panel or automation system
  • Complete electrical control system start-up capabilities
  • Variable speed AC/DC drive (VFD) control panels and systems
  • Custom electric motor control centers
  • Commercial Pump/PLC control panels and systems
  • Combination electrical motor starter panels and systems
  • Process control systems


  • Increased customer efficiency, productivity and process up-time
  • Improved output quality
  • Quick quote response and delivery
  • Less waste and scraps
  • Well-documented, aesthetically pleasing, and easy troubleshooting
  • Electrical motor control panels constructed to NFPA 79 and UL specifications
  • Operator friendly
  • 100% guarantee on all MCC panels and automation systems

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